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A mortgage loan is a loan that is based on the issue of bonds that can be offered against a mortgage on real estate. A mortgage loan will therefore depend on the value of your property, why your property will also need to be assessed by a mortgage institution near your residence. This assessment will be assessed on the basis of property type, location, condition as well as negotiability. If it is an owner’s home, then it is possible to borrow up to 80% of the assessment, while you can only borrow up to 60% if it is a holiday home and 40% if it is a building plot.

Unlike consumer loans and bank loans, mortgage loans have a maturity of between 10 and 30 years. The longer the maturity, the lower the monthly term payment you will have to pay. However, it must be emphasized that if you want a longer term than 30 years, it will instead be possible to borrow up to 75% of the price of the house. This forward payment will be the same throughout the term, which is why they are also called annuity loans. Because it is the same amount to be paid month after month, you also have the opportunity to calculate a disposable amount and act on this. Interest rates on an annuity loan and thus a mortgage loan are tax deductible, and in the first couple of years the forward benefits will almost exclusively consist of interest, which can therefore be deducted from the tax.


Depreciation for the first 10 years

Depreciation for the first 10 years

Another benefit of mortgage loans is that you have the option of grace-free for the first 10 years. This basically means that you do not pay anything other than interest and contributions during the first 10 years, which helps to reduce the monthly term benefit considerably over the first 10 years. Then you will have to pay off the loan faster than if you had started to withdraw already from year 1. If the mortgage-credit institution has granted you a mortgage loan of the first 80% of the amount for a home purchase, but lacks the remaining 20%, then you have the option to borrow a mortgage from the bank. Some types of mortgage loans even allow you to choose whether you want to postpone the deferred installment until after the loan expires, or whether you will begin to pay off after the first 10 years. You also do not have to fear course losses, since a mortgage loan will always be able to be redeemed at price 100, which ensures that you will not experience a course loss.


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