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It is necessary to put a lot of effort in raising business from scratch. In the end, it becomes necessary to take credit for its development. Rosselkhozbank has developed a special program for providing loans to small and medium-sized businesses.

Conditions ↑

The question of providing assistance to business representatives is quite acute in Russia. The Agricultural Bank has developed a number of business lending programs.

Conditions for obtaining loans in general are as follows:

  • the agreed amount of loans is in the range of 200,000 to 15,000,000 rubles ;
  • loan terms from three to fifteen years;
  • the interest rate is determined on an individual basis depending on the credit program determined by the client;
  • depending on the size of the loan and the terms of the loan, the availability of the initial payment of the client and its volume is determined;

  • the amount of the agreed amount determines the size of the commission when you make a loan;
  • loans are provided both on the terms of the transaction by the client, and without it;
  • options for eliminating credit debt are established in agreement with each specific borrower;
  • The agreed amount of the loan is issued to the recipient by a one-time payment.

Ways of registration ↑


Registration of loans is carried out in various ways. One of them provides for a personal appeal to the bank of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses for the registration of all necessary materials.

The recipient of the loan must submit an application in the form prescribed by the bank. In a statement, he indicates the timing of the loan, the desired amount of receipt.

It also specifies how to make payments to repay the debt after the bank representatives make a positive decision on the provision of the loan.

After signing the loan agreement, the recipient of the loan is obliged to make the agreed amount of the initial payment in the event that such conditions are provided by the agreement.

Another form of processing loans is to submit an online application on the official website of the bank.

In the application, the prospective beneficiary of the loan funds is required to indicate all the data similar to those submitted during a personal appeal to the bank. In addition, he must provide all the necessary information about himself and his business.

If a bank has any questions about the deal, bank employees will ask them over the phone.

The applicant is also informed about making a positive decision on the phone by phone, thus determining the time and place for receiving credit funds from him.

After that, the applicant can only personally appear in the bank to complete all the formalities of the case.

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A loan for starting a small business from scratch at the Agricultural Bank ↑

The Agricultural Bank has at its disposal a sufficient number of programs to open a small business from scratch. Below is a table containing the main offers of the bank.

The information presented in the table will be useful for representatives of small and medium businesses who have not yet decided on the choice of the form of lending.

On the development of ↑

On the development of ↑

Credits for development in the Agricultural Bank can be obtained on quite acceptable conditions.

If the amount of money issued by the bank does not exceed 1,000,000 rubles, the loan can be obtained without a pledge, however, in such cases a guarantor of the transaction is required.

If collateral is provided, the loan amount is increased to 1,500,000,000 rubles. The timing of such transactions is limited to five years. At the same time, the entrepreneur has the right to offer his own debt repayment scheme.

If the issuance of a development loan provides for the purchase of land and the construction of a house, the term for issuing such loans is limited to eight years. At the same time making a down payment is required.

A loan for development can be issued at the Agricultural Bank by anyone. Thanks to the possibility of processing transactions via the Internet, such loans became more accessible.

Without collateral and guarantors ↑


In the Agricultural Bank, entrepreneurs can get a loan for the development of their business without providing loan guarantors and not making the initial collateral. However, the period of time for which the loan is issued, at the same time will be small.

Most often, the loan term in such cases is limited to five years. The exception is made by the programs providing a loan of means for the enterprises of agricultural sphere. In such cases, the agreement may be signed for a period of up to eight years, inclusive.

Legal entities ↑

Legal entities ↑

Credits to legal entities in Rosselkhozbank can be taken in order to receive funds for the implementation of investment projects or replenishment of working capital.

Many business entities have accepted the offer of the bank, since today it is rather difficult to conduct business in the country only relying on our own strength.

Loans to legal entities in the Agricultural Bank are issued for various needs. This can be either replenishment of working capital, or the implementation of their own project to make investments or the purchase of necessary equipment.

Loans for legal entities are secured.

The term of their granting is limited to two years. They can be issued under the guarantee of a legal entity, as well as a bank guarantee. The loan is issued once.

Requirements for borrowers ↑


The Agricultural Bank establishes the following requirements for loan recipients for business development:

  1. The recipient of the loan must have a positive credit history.
  2. The client is obliged to submit an application for a loan, completed in accordance with the accepted form.

  3. The client must submit to the bank the maximum of the requested information about his company.
  4. If necessary, the guarantors of the transaction must be submitted.
  5. It is possible for the recipient to make a deposit in the required amount.
  6. Be sure to confirm the client’s own solvency.
  7. The borrower is obliged to sign a loan agreement, which will indicate all his obligations under the transaction.

  8. Be sure to have Russian citizenship with the borrower.

Package of documents ↑


To obtain a loan for business development at Rosselkhozbank, it is necessary that the borrower provides the following documents:

  1. Application to the bank, compiled in accordance with the form.
  2. Official documents confirming the fact of registration of the enterprise.

  3. Passport identifying the applicant.
  4. Financial statements of the company at the time of application for a loan.

Maximum and minimum amounts ↑


The maximum and minimum amounts of loans issued are determined by the type of loan agreement being concluded.

On average, the amounts of loans issued range from 200,000 to 1,500,000 rubles, inclusive.

Interest rates ↑


The interest rates on loans issued are determined individually with each client and depend on the chosen credit program.

Their average values ​​range from 11 to 15% per annum in rubles.

Terms ↑


Terms of granting loans for business development are determined by each specific credit program.

Depending on the conditions of the loan programs, the terms vary from one month to 15 years.

Redemption ↑


Ways to pay off debt may be as follows:

  • making regular cash payments to the cashier of the bank;
  • transfer of non-cash funds from the company’s settlement account;
  • deposit funds by making online payments;
  • Cash deposit at ATMs of Rosselkhozbank or other banks.

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Pros and cons ↑


Providing loans to the Russian Agricultural Bank for business development has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include:

  1. The possibility of a one-time receipt of the missing amount of funds for business development.
  2. The possibility of a wide choice of lending programs.
  3. Debt repayment schedule is made individually for each client.

  4. It is possible to make a deal without paying the initial fee.
  5. Various options for debt repayment.
  6. Small amount of commission fees.

The disadvantages of lending from the Agricultural Bank are as follows:

  1. The need for regular withdrawal of funds from the turnover of the enterprise to cover the loan debt.
  2. In some cases, it is required to submit loan guarantors to obtain a loan.

  3. A positive credit history is required to get a loan.
  4. Not always, according to the terms of the agreement, it is possible to close the loan ahead of schedule.
  5. If it is impossible to repay the loan, the borrower is liable to the bank with his own property, if such a clause is provided for in the agreement.


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